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Adell: Water Experience For Your Lifestyle.

Recep Ali Topçu, Adell Established in 1981 ADELL is a leader company that manufactures its own mixers / taps. ADELL is the outstanding example of an independent and fully integrated Turkey-based manufacturer, performing the complete production cycle with technology and management solutions ahead of its time.

With our 36 years’ experience, we are happy to announce our new company future vision: ADELL – Water experience for your lifestyle.

We recognize that everyone’s taste and individual requirements vary when re-fitting or adjusting your bathroom. And our main experience is water. So we combine this philosophy. It’s confusing market with many brands offering cheaper inferior products of a lesser quality. That’ s where we aim to assist. Browse through pages of inspiration to find exactly what you’re looking for and for further information and pricing.

Great designs have created a truly global language, ADELL is aiming to be a forefront company that makes use of water in way that people would like.

We use the latest technology to manufacture our own mixers and we are proud of this. Our design philosophy is ‘Designed in Istanbul & Made in Turkey’. All design and crucial stages of product conception, development and manufacturing are performed within our facilities in Istanbul, one of the most fascinating city of the world.

We have both external and internal designers. All our design and production teams work for you to have a contemporary look and feel with your modern bathrooms with pure and stylish ADELL products.

Our newest series Azure has more color alternatives now, even with two color option at the same product, bridging the gap between today’s modern minimalist and future expectations. Outstanding fittings and accessories in chrome finish complete the concept.

ADELL is now one of the well-known brands in the industry and is very sensitive to the efficient use of resources, water and energy, and continuous development of innovative solutions in design, materials, function and performance. We take care of our water culture history, and show our respect with ADELL AB-I HAYAT water culture museum inside our facility.

We are perfectly equipped to provide water experiences that exceed all expectations – both today and tomorrow. We are passionate and are proud to be at the heart of changing global landscape.