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Adell Ab-ı Hayat / Collection of Water Civilization

Water is the life, the elixir of life. Water, having the power of purification and cleaning, is the symbol of purity, simplicity and wisdom in all civilizations. Ab-ı Hayat (Adam’s Ale), the water of immortality, means sweet and fresh water whose drops give an endless life. Fountains, hamams (Turkish public baths), ‘şadırvan’ (a fountain used for ritual ablutions), cisterns, water canals and aqueducts have risen as the artifacts of this civilization throughout history. That’s why we named our collection of water civilization as “Ab-ı Hayat (Adam’s Ale)” as an expression of tribute and respect to water.

Adell Armatur collects historical artifacts related to our water civilization as a sustainable social responsibility project in order to improve public awareness about water, introduce the water civilization and hamam culture from past to present, bring the values sinking into oblivion to light. It also organizes trainings and seminars, and holds exhibitions on water saving and water management. Our Ab-ı Hayat (Adam’s Ale) Collection of Water Civilization aims to present the phases of our water civilization with its deep rooted history.

Some parts of the Adell Armatur collection were exhibited at the World Water Forum, in 2009. The exhibition “Past to Present Water and Water Culture in Istanbul” was held within the İstanbul 2010, European Capital of Culture events. The exhibition “From the Source to the Demijohn” was held at the 3rd İstanbul International Water Forum in 2011; “Bathing in the Ottoman tradition – Hamam” was held at Tuyap Unicera Fair in 2011; “Living with water” was held at the Tuyap Unicera Fair in 2012; and lastly “The Friends of Water” was held at the Tuyap Construction Fear in 2012. Adell Mixer took part in the organization committee of the International Conference on “Water in ancient civilizations” and presented 3 declarations at the conference.

Adell Armatur collection of water civilization is exhibited at a permanent exhibition hall of the head office in İkitelli Organized Industrial Zone and is open to visits. You can discover details of Ab-i Hayat Water Collection activities our web site.