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Low Pressure and Gravity Die Casting

Low Pressure and Gravity Die Casting

Drafts are produced in two different ways: casting and hot forging/press. Sand mixtures, obtained by mixing the green sand with resin, silica sand and appropriate catalyst and chemicals in sand preparation machines, are formed into cores in the automatic coremaking machines. Water grooves in the mixers are created in this way. Draft is produced by casting high qualified ingot brasses, melted in the electric induction furnaces with high temperature, into the moulds placed in the casting machines as cores. Runners are cut by removing the core sands; so the mixer body drafts can be obtained using the casting method. High qualified brass rod raw material is cut in determined measures at the process plans, is annealed in appropriate heat and finally formed into drafts with hot working/ forging method using high tonnage presses.

ADELL KWC Low Pressure Casting Machine

Adell Gravity Casting Machine


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