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Effective Water Management In Tourism Facilities - III

Effective Water Management In Tourism Facilities - III

Which products should be selected in hotels and tourism facilities? How to select the correct armature or correct faucet?

Brand and place loyalty can be achieved by increasing customer satisfaction. Since hotel and tourism structures have more functions than other architectural structures, product planning, selection and implementation require attention. Related products should be carefully selected for each unit.

In the selection of water management tools, values such as savings, durability, ergonomics, aesthetics, repair and maintenance should be taken into consideration. These include water-saving products, which are resistant to intensive use and require minimal maintenance and repair. In addition to this, obtaining adequate after-sales service and support from the relevant manufacturer during the product life is another factor that needs to be emphasized.

In armature models, adell offers a variety of options to suit your needs.

In tourism facilities, especially armatures and shower systems to be longer life and efficient, we recommend the built-in, embedding system. Pre-ceramic application should be done in the built-in products. In the operation of the tourism facility, shower sets and shower hoses are one of the most important issues in maintenance that managers deal with.

Shower luminaires with thermostatic technology should be used in bathrooms and showers. Thermostatic batteries are guaranteed to provide the desired amount of water throughout the shower while saving money. Adell is not affected by changes in water pressure in other rooms in bathroom and shower batteries with thermostatic technology.

The choice of LEED, BREEAM certified products will contribute positively to the “green building” certification process.

When the product is carefully treated in choosing a brand, the company will gain in operating expenses and personnel expenses, as well as the happiness of the guests will increase.

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