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Adell's Design Approach

Adell's Design Approach

In adell's design process, all components of the product, such as form design, ergonomics, innovation and technical hardware, are considered as a whole. In product design, a modern, original and lean design line is adopted within the framework of national and international architectural design trends.

Adell products are created by designers who have signed important products on industrial product designs such as Hatice gift, Seden Arzu Tek as well as a specialized design team within the company.

Design Development & Innovation Process

Innovation is one of the main factors in the emergence of Adell designs. Adell products have stylish, high-quality designs that protect water and the environment.

The design of the products is carefully carried out by industrial design experts in accordance with customer demands and expectations and taking into account the national and international standards.

Functionality in design, savings, aesthetics, ergonomics, ease of assembly and maintenance, dimension compatibility, safety, durability, ease of testing, modularity, shipping and packaging, after-sales service requirement, effect of environmental pollution, waste usage and manufacturing methods, cost issues are taken into consideration.

Adell, with many modernist products it brought to the industry with is innovative approach, aims to make innovative thinking the focal point of design.

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