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Design, Production and Technology at Adell.

Production potential based on the advanced production technology, team of experts committed to work with passion and years of experience are behind high qualified Adell products.

Innovation and design are our most important values. Adell has unique aesthetical and stylish designs which protect the water and environment. We believe a good design will catch everyone. Our products are designed by our design experts according to customer demands and expectations, considering the national and international standards and our design criteria. Functionality, energy saving, aesthetics, ergonomy, mountability and maintainability, size compatibility, safety, production life span, testability, modularity, packaging and shipping, impact on environmental pollution, waste utilization, production techniques and cost issues are taken into consideration at the design phase. Adell has brought numerous innovations in the industry with its innovative approach.

Mould is the base and the start-up phase of our work. High quality can only be produced with well-designed and professionally taken moulds. Mould developing is processed using the most precision CNC workbenches. Core, casting and hot working moulds, designed using the 3D Unigraphix CAD-Glass programs in computer environment, are made by cutting the steel blocks in microns with high precision. High temperature resisting steel blocks and cooper-beryllium metallic materials are used in moulds. The steel molded becomes ready for draft casting with heat treatment.

Drafts are produced in two different ways: casting and hot forging/press. Sand mixtures, obtained by mixing the green sand with resin, silica sand and appropriate catalyst and chemicals in sand preparation machines, are formed into cores in the automatic coremaking machines. Water grooves in the mixers are created in this way. Draft is produced by casting high qualified ingot brasses, melted in the electric induction furnaces with high temperature, into the moulds placed in the casting machines as cores. Runners are cut by removing the core sands; so the mixer body drafts can be obtained using the casting method. High qualified brass rod raw material is cut in determined measures at the process plans, is annealed in appropriate heat and finally formed into drafts with hot working/ forging method using high tonnage presses.

Product surfaces are the elements on which we lay too much stress as they are a kind of last clothing of our products. Coating protects the surfaces from corrosion and mechanical effects, gives the surfaces an aesthetical appearance and enables them to harmonize with other accessories in kitchen compartments.

Drafts, whose runners are cut and whose burrs are taken off, are processed on CNC controlled benches, in the automatic transfer machines which carry out all operations named as mechanic operations such as turning, drilling, thread cutting and screw cutting. In this section, various internal parts of the mixers such as packing, couplings, nipples, shafts are also produced from the high qualified brass rods, using multi spindle turning devices on CNC automatic machines. A strict quality control procedure is applied at all phases of production performed within ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems and during montage.

Laboratory R&D activities are the studies which will carry us into future.The basic approach of our R&D unit is to spread on effort to ease the life and make life standards safer and more comfortable for people. Adell’s laboratory centre has the modern laboratory systems required by the related standards.

Product quality is developed with the perfect combination of fine components, details and precision workmanship. Each part is picked and scaled carefully with this approach. The product is mounted by assembling the product body with the parts such as cartridge, lever, aerator and screw. The assembled products are subject to 100% leak-tightness, Functionality, and resistance to pressure tests in high precision testing devices. In addition, they are tested in life span, flow rate, sound and surface coating strength through the random method.

Our products meet our customers, vendors and users through our effectively managed logistics process. Requests are delivered to our customers properly, timely, expeditiously, faultlessly and carefully by means of modern warehouse management systems and programs. The packaged products are taken to the storage area in order to be shipped to the customers in accordance with the shipment programs. Design, Production and Technology at Adell.