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Environmental and Economic Armatures

Environmental and Economic Armatures

Adell Armature, which has been serving the construction sector for more than 37 years with its R&D investments and its award-winning products, saves water, energy and time as well as saving both nature and money in your pocket and for your your business budget. Adell, one of the leading armature producers of Turkey, cares about the environment as a company that is devoted to water with its products.

Adell armature, with its shower system products, consumes less water and energy and advances in sustainablity with its durable designs.

The economic and ecological advantages of high quality, long-lasting Adell products increase the efficiency of the projects.

Adell cares about every drop of water.

Water-friendly photocell, sensor-equipped taps, thermostatic technology batteries, water-saving shower sets, Hill showers, double-stage flush reservoirs, sink taps, water-saving kits for your bathrooms, kitchens and spaces in commercial buildings, offices, tourism and educational facilities saves up to 50 percent water.
Standard sink batteries consume 12/15 liters of water per minute, while Adell consumes 9 liters of water with a single-arm batteries, which means saving up to 40 percent of water.

Thermostatic Bath batteries save nature and Money, and also saves you time. It guarantees the same water temperature throughout the shower. It quickly reaches the temperature you set. It offers safe and comfortable showers with constant water temperature for pregnant women, infants, pets, elderly and disabled.
The innovative Adell thermostatic technology batteries are awarded the ISO Istanbul Chamber of Industry “Environmental motivation award".

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