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Adell Disabled Accessories Make Life Easier For Our Disabled People

Adell Disabled Accessories Make Life Easier For Our Disabled People

Universal design principles promote the full and equal enjoyment of the human rights and fundamental freedoms and taking equal advantage of the actions that take place in life cycle. In order to make design possible for everyone, Adell offers solutions to facilitate the lives of people with physical disabilities.

Increasing the number of actions that people with physical disabilities can take without assistance, as well as providing physical convenience, it also psychologically affects the person very positively. Most of the daily activities carried out by individuals who do not have physical disability easily can be one of the difficulties that need to be overcome for hem and design without forgetting this in mind is one of the most important issues that make “universal design”possible.

Adell ergonomic and hygienic handicapped accessories add functionality and value to the spaces. Adell's ergonomic and hygienic handicapped accessories, which are manufactured from stainless steel material and aiming to facilitate Life by providing ergonomic conditions in wet spaces, adopt a design concept that is conscious of social responsibilities.


Adell disabled accessories are suitable for use in modern buildings, qualified and branded residentials, hotel and tourism facilities, educational institutions, airports, offices, shopping centers in wet spaces, basically in all areas where water is available with its original designs and forms. It provides relevant regulatory requirements, safety and health requirements. All components required for installation are supplied with the product.


AISI 304 quality stainless steel made from raw material.

It has a 2-year warranty period approved by the Ministry.

We strongly remind you to follow the rules of use and cleaning.

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