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Turkey and Water Armature Industry - l

Turkey and Water Armature Industry - l

An Overview of Water Armature Industry

Armatures are the elements that bring the user together with the water in the water installation and the ones that bring him together with the light in the electricity installation in the final part of the water and electricity installation. It is one of the most important components of the construction industry.

Depending on the development of the construction sector in recent years, the water armatures sector is also developing, with its new design solutions and different surface options, it brings together the customer and products that complement the concept of buildings.

It is important to have a production program that will provide quality/cost optimization and a “product range” which will fulfill the product selection in the armatures and valves sector according to the consumer needs. Here, R&D and innovation studies should be dealt with first. This strategy is of great importance for increasing the value-added in products with export potential.

The technological developments in the armature and valves product group are accelerating and reaching the size that will affect the structure of the products. In order to reduce water consumption and to make its use at an optimum level, especially for increasing the performance of materials, spreading of photocell systems and preventing leakage in connection parts, adhesives have been used in Turkey. University-supported studies are carried out successfully in R & D departments of producer companies.

The sector which has its raw material in Turkey, and which contributes employment with intensive work, is not getting enough investments. Therefore the manufacturers are not developing. With the development of the producer companies, today and in the future, the armature sector has the potential to make our country the base, production source and center of the region.

We believe that we will have positive results in a short period of time by correcting the current situation. With the positive mobility that will be experienced, the mobility of the sector will increase and the local producer will be able to breathe. The shrinking armature production sector will begin to strengthen, increase the investment in technology development and become valuable.

The world armature market has a serious size. The owner of the biggest share in this market is China with %50. With the support of the armature production sector, it will be possible to minimize the imports to our country. Despite this size of the armature sector, we can obtain only 0.38% of the world export potential.

Armature sector in Turkey is producing high quality products and the sector has an open view. 90 percent of our products are domestic and have high added-value. Construction structures, projects should be directed towards the use of domestic products. But we can get rich by producing and opening out. We have a lot of products we can sell with our quality. Despite the problems, we are determined to increase our exports. Only a few of our producers developed worldwide. If we are late, this sector can be very difficult to form and develop again.

In this respect, responsibilities fall on each of our industrialists, public institutions.

We, Adell family, rely on the future of our country and Industry. We believe that we will carry our sector to the future safely with the precautions and actions to be taken. We are aware of our responsibilities for our sector. We know that what to do for our sector is like carrying bricks to the construction of the future of our country and our world.

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