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Кран для Раковины с Двойным Входом на Автономной Питании Sensomax Electronic

SKU 15452641

Technical Information

Product Standard EN 15091
Manufacturer Warranty 2 Years
Color / Finish Chrome
Aearator Type M24X1 Male Threaded
Flow Rate 7.5 - 9 Lt / Min (3 Bar)
Operation Type Electronic and Sensor with Automatic Photocell Eyed
Installation Connection Type Countertop
Body Raw Material Brass
Spout Length 135 mm
Spout Height 120 mm
Water Connection Flex Dimension 1/2"-3/8"
Water Connection Flex Length 42.5 cm
Dimension Of Base Rosette 50 mm x 50 mm
Number Of Loom Holes For Assembly 1
Loom Hole Diameter Ø33±1 mm
Max. Loom Thickness 40 mm
Max. Performance Temperature 80°C
Suggested Performance Temperature 60°C
Max. Performance Pressure 10 Bar
Suggested Performance Pressure 3 Bar
Water Inlet (Hot - Cold) Single Inlet
Photocell Faucet Energy Feed System Electric (220V / 12V) and Battery (6V DC Lithium Cell)
Spout / Pipe Type Fix
Product Total Height 170 mm


TS EN 15091 Certificate