Why Our Veins Are Blue When Our Blood is Red?

Every single cell in our body needs oxygen to lead a life. Our blood carries oxygen to our cells. Our blood takes the oxygen from lungs as the result of the breath from air and reaches it to every point of our body. At these points our blood, carries oxygen to our cells, is pumped to our lungs by absorbing by the heart to store oxygen and cycle goes on. There is a special molecule that holds the oxygen molecules and leaves it when it reaches to the target by carrying in veins. Hemoglobin, surrounding the red blood cells and iron-containing protein, creates known shining blood colour by combining with oxygen.

While our blood takes the carbon dioxide by leaving oxygen, i mean while it is in our venius , its color is dark red, even it's a little bit purple. That oxygen level of our blood dominates the blood color or the color tone because of that vein wall and blood cells are colourless.

That our veins look blue is related to the absorption of some of the light that comes into our body and reflection of some parts of light. Our veins are seen in blue because the lights of high energy, such as blue color, are more reflected.

Almost all of veins that we see in our body carries darker blood are venas. In the arteries, the pressure of blood pumped from the heart is so high that it can quickly reach all parts of body. In venas, the blood pressure is low and the blood flow velocity is slower.

Therefore veins that we see in our skin are venas that reflects the colour of the blood that inside of it, its flesh tickness is low and it is closer to the skin. Of course this situation doesn’t mean that the bleeding will be dark red or purple when venas are cut.

When any artery is cut, the blood will go out faster, bleeding will be quick and much. It is life-critical. Against to this danger, our artery are made thick Wall and is located deeper of our skin. You can’t see artery without any accident or surgery. Blood flowing through the cutout contact with air, takes the rich oxygen from air and the color again turns into known blood color.