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Effective Water Management In Tourism Facilities - I

Effective Water Management In Tourism Facilities - I

Hotels and similar tourism and accommodation facilities should be put under the scope of water management. Planning and design of the installation systems in tourism facilities where human traffic is intense, choosing the correct products and mechanical installation of products, fixtures, taps, toilet reservoirs, shower sets, water management tools provide efficiency and success.

Water and energy consumption management unit should exist in hotels. It should be noted that there is only 0.3% drinkable water supply on earth. The price paid for water consumption in most hotels is 15% of the total cost.

Efficient work in terms of water management can save up to 30% more water.
The need for tourism and accommodation facilities increased for commercial and tourist purposes and it still is increasing every day. Therefore, tourism investments are increasing in our country and in the world.

Taking into account the guest density in tourism facilities, comfortable wet cores should be offered.

In tourism and accommodation facilities, in common spaces, in room wet cores, in hotel kitchens, in gardens, the necessary fittings, shower systems, in hotel bathrooms the selection of accessories is important.

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