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Bring The Waterfall Sensation Into Your Bathroom With “Adell Slim Waterfall Basin Mixer”!

Bring The Waterfall Sensation Into Your Bathroom With “Adell Slim Waterfall Basin Mixer”!

Water is not only one of the basic physiological needs of man, but also with its sound, clear image, sense and overall presence, it is one of the most important parts of architectural science, which is based around human life. Adell Slim Waterfall was designed by Adell Design Team with the thought of the water is not only a utilization need and with the aim to reflect its grace at its most natural condition.

Waterfalls, a wonder of nature, which are the form of water that appeals to all senses, showed themselves as wooden grooves in Anatolia many years ago as an inspiration to the service of utility water.

With its design speed, alternative presentation potentials, the elaborated design details and correct, sincere guidance to the customer demands, Adell continues to turn the anthroposocial water element into products with inspiration from nature.

Adell Slim waterfall, which reflects the meditational effects of the waterfall form to the bathrooms, along with the aesthetic appearance of the waterfall, presents an ergonomic using space with its 105 mm height and 100 mm length. The product, which provides practicality with a single control arm, is also covered by a ministry approved 6-year warranty.

Adell Slim Waterfall is suitable for typologies such as qualified and branded housing, exclusive housing, hotel/tourism facilities, restaurant, school, dormitory/education facilities, sports facilities, airport, shopping centers, commercial buildings, factory-office projects and basically anywhere the water is used.

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